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1. We will cover you for up to €10 million* in medical expenses, emergency medical or dental bills and repatriation to the Republic of Ireland.

2. You are covered for up to €7,500* of the cost of your holiday if something unexpected happens (for example, an illness, injury, death or redundancy) and you need to cancel your trip or cut it short.

3. If your personal belongings are damaged, lost or stolen, you are covered for up to €2,500. You are also covered for:

a. Personal money and cash, as well as any credit card fraud

b. Luggage (delayed luggage is also covered)

c. Valuables

d. Travel documents (including a replacement passport and emergency passport travel)

4. If you suffer permanent disablement, the loss of limbs or sight, or if you die, you are covered by Personal Accident insurance and you or your estate will be paid up to the amount specified, based on the policy you choose.

5. If you accidentally cause bodily injury to, or the death of, any person and become legally liable for this, our Personal Liability insurance will cover all compensation sums owed by you up to €2 million*. We will also provide Legal Expenses up to €25,000 if you need to claim compensation from another person.

If you choose our Gold or Platinum products, the following cover applies:

6. You are covered for any travel delay due to bad weather, mechanical breakdown or industrial action that lasts more than 12 hours; you’re also covered under these products if you missed your departure due to disrupted public transport services, you’re covered. We’ll also reimburse you in respect of reasonable additional accommodation and travelling expenses.

7. If you decide to abandon your holiday after a delay of more than 12 hours, we’ll reimburse you for the cost of your trip**.

8. Catastrophe Cover ensures that you are covered for irrecoverable travel or accommodation costs because of fire, lightning, explosion, storm, flood, medical epidemic or local Government directive. You are also covered against Hijack.

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*Subject to the policy you choose.

**Applies to Gold and Platinum only, up to the amount specified, subject to the policy you choose.